Markforged is going PUBLIC! Markforged, a leader in continuous carbon fiber 3D printing, is preparing to go public after a merger deal with blank-check company "One" (NYSE: AONE), a $200 million special purpose acquisition company. Once the deal closes, the combined company will be valued at $2.1 billion with approximately $400 million in net cash to fund growth strategy across crucial verticals and strengthen competitive advantage with new products, proprietary materials, and expanded customer use cases. Pending the deal’s closure in the summer of 2021, Markforged will trade on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol “MKFG. 

Mergers & Acquisitions! There’s not a consensus in the manufacturing community as to whether these mergers & acquisitions are good or bad for industry, though -- The positives are that the purchasing company immediately acquires new capabilities, taps new revenue streams, and increases market share. However, often this can include negatives like staff consolidations, dilution of competition, and merging company cultures that fail to jive together. 

Kimya 3D Printing with PEKK filament! In need of a protective cover component developed back in 1982, an unnamed railway supplier recently turned to Kimya to 3D print a small batch of the polymer part. Seeing as the mold for the cover no longer existed, the spare parts had to be redesigned from scratch prior to production. Another great application for 3D Printing! Just last month, public transport company Azienda Napoletana Mobilità (ANM) enlisted the help of Italian engineering firm 3DnA to re-design mechanical components for Naples’ network of buses and trams. 

Termite Waste 3D printing material! Using the powdered wood particles and feces left by the minuscule bugs after feeding, the scientists were able to devise a unique circular economy feedstock, which could be binder jet 3D printed without any polymeric additives. To create their wood-based feedstock, the scientists reared a small farm of European House Borers (EHBs) and termites, feeding them for six months while collecting their droppings. As it turned out, all of the termites’ six-sided pellet-shaped faecal matter proved to be almost identical in size, and showed excellent flowability, making them ideal for fabricating uniform layers. 

Inkbit’s revolutionary 3D printing tech! Inkbit vista was created using Inkbit’s proprietary solution, Vision-Controlled Jetting (VCJ), and multi-material design software. Vision-Controlled Jetting is the first to use machine vision and artificial intelligence to deliver a multi-material jetting platform. VCJ enables real-time, in-process voxel-level control to meet the reliability and performance demands of volume manufacturing.

McLaren Artura uses 3D Printed Cores! The new McLaren had a weight reduction requirement, so engineers turned to carbon fiber to design a lighter frame. On the engine side, the McLaren Artura’s engine will be more compact, smaller and denser than a conventional radial-flow E-motor. What is particularly interesting is the engine block and aluminum cylinder heads as they incorporate 3D printed cores. McLaren hasn’t revealed much information regarding the technology used, but it is very likely that the cores were also made of aluminum. In that case it is likely that a laser powder bed fusion process was used for the 3D printing processes. Regardless, the automaker claims that additive manufacturing allowed it to design a more complex part and include details that would otherwise be impossible to manufacture. The cores include a 2 mm micro-compact cooling passage between the cylinders, which serves to significantly improve engine cooling. 

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