If you're into the industrial space, you might want to check out ASME 2021, happening March 3rd and 4th -- next week! Use the link in the description to register for a FREE ticket, through our friends over at INTAMSYS! Normally $50, it should be a great learning experience. 






Stratasys doubling down on SLA, buying industrial SLA machine maker RPS. After acquiring Origin last month, this shouldn't come as a surprise -- they're going into the SLA market, and they're going hard. The RPS systems are open resin systems that use laser technology for detailed features and low variability. 


Stratasys’s First Carbon Fiber 3D Printing Filament for F123. The new filament is called ABS-CF10, and it’s based on ABS thermoplastic. The “CF-10” stands for Carbon Fiber 10, as the filament is 10 percent chopped carbon fiber by weight. The carbon fiber makes it 15% stronger and over 50% stiffer than their standard ABS filament, and Stratasys bills it as a “compelling alternative to metal parts.”


The first 3D Printed ankle implant! The device is described by the FDA as “the first in the world and first-of-its-kind implant to replace the talus.” As the name suggests, the Patient Specific Talus Spacer is tailored to each patient based off of their computed tomography data. The first total talus replacement surgery using 3D printing occurred in 2018. 


AI and machine learning! Machine learning solutions company Intellegens announced a collaboration with engineering simulation leader Ansys to accelerate the development of Reliable and Repeatable additive manufacturing processes. 


Aura 2.1 Premium is the driving force behind the company’s flagship Composer 3D printer, and enables users to customize and integrate fiber reinforcements into polymer-based composite components. You can download the latest version for Windows, and give it a whirl!


Sciaky's printers printed +12,000lbs of titanium in 2020! Despite supply chain disruption caused by COVID-19, the company still managed to overhaul the records set in previous years, thanks to the High Deposition Rate of its machines. Sciaky first launched its EBAM technology as a service, but as interest began to pick up in 2014, it released its first turnkey system, targeting clients in the nuclear, aerospace and defense sectors. 


3D Printed Thrusters for NASA. Agile Space Industries, a company known for its additively manufactured propulsion technologies, has been selected by Astrobotic’s Griffin Mission One (GM1) team to develop 3D printed thrusters and axial engines for the Griffin lunar lander. The Griffin lunar lander will be used by NASA to deliver the Volatines Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER) to the Moon’s South Pole in 2023. 


Airbus Mass 3D Prints Waveguide Parts. By 3D printing the radio frequency parts, including multi-waveguide blocks and switch assembly networks, Airbus was able to reduce the lead time and costs of their assembly.The company has previously fabricated redesigned RF filters for relay antennas, improving their surface topology, while reducing their weight and expense in the process. 

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