Electronics 3D Printing company Nano Dimension has made TWO acquisitions within this past week. Talk about money moves. This company has just acquired the AI business DeepCube and micro 3D printing tech company NanoFabrica. Let's start out with the first one.

Machine learning specialist DeepCube was acquired for $40 million in cash. The company’s proprietary technology includes a number of deep learning algorithms that improve data analysis and deploy complex artificial intelligence systems in order to improve data analysis. Their fast and accurate deep-learning model-training significantly improves performance and real-time metrics. DeepCube’s framework can also be implemented on top of existing hardware in both datacenters and edge devices resulting in speed improvements and memory use reduction. The company’s technical staff are all expected to join Nano Dimension once the deal closes.

The acquisition was made to help Nano Dimension tackle the development of an ML-based ‘Distributed Electronic Fabrication’ network, essentially they want to digitalize the supply chain for Additive manufacturing electronics and 3D printed high performance electronic devices made using their printers. Essentially, this means that they’re creating a network for their own, and other electronics 3D printers. Yoav Stern, CEO of Nano Dimensions notes that the main driver behind creating this distributed electronics fabrication network is the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage that has affected basically every industry worldwide. From NVIDIA graphics cards to even the production of automobiles, pretty much everyone is suffering from the shortage.

Moving onto the next acquisition, NanoFabrica was acquired through Nano Dimension’s ability to leverage cash inflow from their rising stock value. NanoFabrica is a notable player in the realm of precision digital manufacturing, boasting Additive machines capable of printing with micro-resolution for ultra-fine features, while maintaining accuracy and precision through their proprietary Micro Adaptive Projection technology.

“NanoFabrica fits Nano Dimension’s vertical (OEM) target markets, and as such will be leveraged by the distribution channels and go-to-market efforts of both,” says the CEO, “In parallel, our mutual vision is to merge the technologies of our micro-electronic 3D-fabrications machines for Hi-PEDs (Hi-Performance Electronic Devices) with NanoFabrica’s micro-mechanic 3D printing. The future of Hi-PEDs and miniaturized high-performance printed circuit boards (PCBs) is interlaced with micro-mechanical printing applications to fit the adage “The Next Big thing is Small.”

As part of this deal, Nano Dimension will pay the shareholders of NanoFabrica a total ranging between $54.9 million to $59.4 million. Out of that, between $23 to $27.5 million will be paid in cash, and approximately $32 million was paid in American Depositary Shares (ADSs) of Nano Dimension.

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