Stratasys has just unveiled 3 brand new 3d printers designed for what they call Additive Manufacturing 2.0, essentially a fancy term for end-use 3d printing! That’s right, though their machines are typically advertised and used for prototyping, Stratasys has said that these new machines will address “a sizable chunk of the multibillion-dollar end-use parts 3D printing market”. Let's get right into it!

The first printer they unveiled is the Stratasys Origine One. Now if this sounds familiar that's because this printer is the byproduct of their recent acquisition of 3D printing startup Origin. The Origin One makes use of their proprietary P3 technology, essentially a fancy and ultra precise photo polymerization, much like SLA, DLP, or those CARBON printers we see. Stratasys also made a surprise announcement with their new “software-first architecture” which means the printer can fabricate parts using a variety of open certified third-party materials. Stratasys and third-party in the same sentence? Open Materials? Well this is NEW! The company estimates that the Origin One has a $3.7 Billion market opportunity by 2025 for applications like dental, medical, automotive, tooling and consumer goods. Stratasys is taking orders for the new machine and post processing equipment starting next month.

Moving onto the next unveiling we have the first H series production platform, the H350 using their SAF technology. The H350 is a powder bed fusion style printer designed for full volume production. GrabCAD Print also works directly with the new H350 to monitor prints, estimate cost and print time, get print reports and much more. Also, they unveiled their brand new High Yield PA11 material made of 100% bio base from sustainably grown castor beans. Going green, I suppose, too! The new system has been in beta testing since the beginning of this year with several contract manufacturers and service bureaus in Israel, Europe, and the US. The H350 is expected to ship by Q3 of this year.

Finally the third printer Stratasys debuted is the F770, slotting between the F370 and F900 lines of FDM printers. Starting off with the build volume, the F770 sports an impressive 13 cubic feet of print volume or about 1000 x 610 x 610 mm. Basically identical with the FUNMAT PRO 610 HT. The F770 also comes with what Stratasys calls the market’s longest fully heated build chamber, perfect for printing jigs and fixtures, tooling applications and prototypes. This new printer was designed for large prints first and foremost and surprisingly costs less than $100,000. We’ll see if it does high temp, for that price.

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