We’re proud to provide our new High-Temperature Nano Polymer Adhesive! Specifically for PEEK and PEI, this changes the game for bed adhesion.

Here at Vision Miner, we know how tough printing high-temperature thermoplastics can be. There’s nothing worse than starting a print job just to find out that your base layer shifted and your printer has been extruding on open air for the past five hours. That’s why we’ve spent the last YEAR consulting material scientists to formulate a new nano polymer adhesive -- light years ahead of what any gluestick can do.

Vision Miner possesses one of the largest knowledge bases for high-temperature commercial 3D printing. With this nano polymer adhesive, we’ve poured our own experience into a jar for you to use whenever you want to make sure you print succeeds.

Stronger than glue stick

  • No mess like glue stick
  • Works on multiple surfaces (glass, carbon, resins, etc)
  • Easy to clean and re-apply
  • Works with most materials
  • Made from safe, non-toxic organic compounds

MagiGoo $36 for 1 glue stick (PP)

WolfBite: $60 for 4oz 

Vision Miner: $59.99 for 3.5oz