2019 is taking off like a storm.... here's a bit of what we've been up to!

First -- we officially released our 3D Printing service, specializing in high-performance polymers like PEEK, PEI, PPSU, and other engineering-grade materials. This is perfect if you have parts you need made, but don't want to learn the process. Or, perhaps you're looking at a machine, but want to see how your parts will look, before making the investment in a full system -- our print service is perfect for you. Click the link below for details:


Next! We've released our groundbreaking new Nano Polymer Adhesive -- buildplate glue designed for high-temp, high-performance thermoplastics! If you're tired of scraping and baking glue stick for PEEK, or just want a mirror-glass finish on your PEI part, our new build plate adhesive is what you've been waiting for. We know -- we developed it because we were tired of the mess, the prep time, and the finish. We literally hired world-leading material scientists to create this formula -- and it works amazingly well. So good, in fact, we even use it for all our low temp materials like ABS and CFNylon. Find out more below:


On top of all this -- we've released our own line of filament (much more on this soon). From CFPEEK to PEI and Carbon Fiber Nylon 6 (CFPA6), our filament is absolutely top-of-the-line. Diameter consistency, material purity, and print quality are all at or above industry standards. We FINALLY have the quality we wanted for our customers, and are able to offer them all at competitive prices. We've done a lot of testing to ensure maximum strength and printability, so when you need high-temp materials -- think Vision Miner:


As far as hardware goes, we've got some big announcements coming from INTAMSYS!

We're super excited to get the new Funmat HT Enhanced -- the latest revision of the award-winning machine from INTAMSYS. Featuring auto buildplate leveling, independent motor drivers, and an entirely new build platform, this machine is taking the standard to a whole new level. And it's still at the same incredible price. 

FUNMAT HT ENHANCED: Shipping late-February!


As if that weren't enough, we're also getting the Funmat Pro 410! This machine is what we've all been waiting for: high-temp dual extrusion. And not only dual nozzles -- the nozzles lift to avoid parts, the filament chamber is heated, auto bed-leveling, jam detection, linear rails, and a slew of other features have been packed into this truly industrial 3D Printer. A no-brainer for anyone serious about high-temp, the Funmat Pro 410 once again smashes the competitors prices with an incredibly robust, state-of-the-art additive manufacturing machine. We're getting ours very soon -- be ready, there will be tons of video.

FUNMAT PRO 410: Shipping late-March!


On top of the excitement working with industry-leading aerospace clients, medical parts, oil & gas research & development... we've been able to work with national robotics teams, several universities, and lots of small businesses, getting this technology in the hands people who really need it. It's been quite a year, and 2019 is going to be even better.

Thanks for watching, and have a POSITIVE day!