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Recently we just got word about a 3D printing product that frankly we had never seen before. SPEE3D, makers of some of the fastest additive manufacturing systems on the planet, has just released SPEE3D Craft, a 3D printing simulator where you try to make as many parts as possible using their entire machining process. The simulator gives users a fun and engaging platform to learn about SPEE3D’s systems and additive manufacturing as a whole, going from CAD to production and even post production stages. There’s even a test bench where your parts get evaluated across a few key factors in part manufacturing. SPEE3D Craft runs on the Unreal Engine enabling impressive performance on pretty much any system. No need for crazy gaming setups to start your 3D printing journey. Best of all, its 100% free! So what are you waiting for? Download it right now and try to beat Rob’s score!

Metal 3D printing is an additive manufacturing (AM) process, otherwise known as an industry 4.0 manufacturing technique.

Within additive manufacturing there exists many types of metal 3D printing technologies. One of these technologies is Cold Spray. SPEE3D’s Cold Spray technology is a supersonic deposition process that uses metal powder to build parts extremely cheaply and quickly. It is a solid-state process where metal powder shoots out of a rocket nozzle up to Mach 3 and is deposited onto a substrate (a metal plate), building up the metal part layer by layer until completion. The SPEE3D high-speed Cold Spray process takes between only a couple of minutes to a maximum of a couple of hours depending on the part. This incredible process is 100 to 1000 times faster than traditional metal 3D printing.

This is the metal 3D printing process individuals are able to learn about in SPEE3DCraft, where users have a limited time to design, metal 3D print, heat treat, CNC machine, and post-process metal parts.

SPEE3D, based in Darwin and Melbourne, Australia, is an innovative supplier of

metal-based additive manufacturing technology. SPEE3D focuses on the development, assembly, and distribution of machines and integrated system solutions based on the patented cold-spray technology. The products enable significantly faster, lower-cost, and more scalable production than traditional metal printing techniques for copper and aluminium.


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