This is a test of PEEK (Polyether Ether Keytone) Filament printing on the INTAMSYS Funmat HT -- at a 60 degree overhang with NO supports. 

This printer was designed to print high-temperature thermoplastics like PEEK, ULTEM™ and PPSU, and man -- it does a fantastic job. Every time we print something, so long as the unit is prepared (see our buildplate prep video!), it just goes perfectly.

Printing at 0.1mm, or 100 micron layer heights, we get incredible detail, as expected. The overhang part in this test had a bit of blobbing near the top, and was otherwise perfect, an impressive feat for a 60 degree overhang!

One of the great things about PEEK is it's hardness -- you can machine the part afterward, or use any of a myriad of different finishing techniques, from sanding to grinding to painting, depending on the application. Most of the time, no finishing is needed, and the plastic is FDA approved for food contact. We will soon have Grade 3 PEEK (lifetime biocompatability) available for implants in the body, as well!

This printer is only $5000, a fraction of what it used to cost to print these materials -- and a no-brainer for a print shop, considering the profit margins printing PEEK or ULTEM™! We've got everything you need - printers, parts, and filament -  at!

We're located in Costa Mesa, California, and you can give us a call anytime at 1-833-774-6863

The possibilities are endless -- get yours and get started today!

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The INTAMSYS Funmat HT is now available at!


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