This video shows the printing and annealing process of a disc-brake bracket on the Funmat HT. A simple process, this 3D printer is quickly changing the landscape of additive manufacturing!

You can create durable objects with engineering-grade plastics like ULTEM™ 1010, ULTEM™ 9085, PEEK (Polyether Ether Keytone), PSU and more!

The INTAMSYS Funmat HT is a high-temperature 3D Printer -- meaning the nozzle goes to 450c, the bed to 160c, and the chamber to 90c. This allows printing thermoplastics with extremely high-temperature operating capacities, resitance to chemicals, oils, radioactivity, and other environmental forces. 

These plastics are not like your standard PLA or ABS material, and require a high-temperature, high-precision machine to create functional parts for prototyping, testing, and end-use, production-grade parts. 

Often used in Aviation and Aerospace, for components and interiors, ULTEM™ (PEI) is quite common in commercial industries. PEEK is used for medical implants, high-heat, high-pressure, and chemically dangerous environments, plus a plethora of other applications requiring strength and rigidity. PSU is used in similar situations, and many of the materials are FDA-approved for food contact and food-industry applications. 

We will soon have grade-3 PEEK filament, meaning the part can remain in the body indefinitely. This is a massive jump from the past 5 years -- previously, machines to print these materials cost outragous amounts of money, ranging in the millions with full contracts. The ability for a doctor in Columbia to print an implant; or a FBO technician in New Mexico to print a functional, FAA approved replacement part for an antiquated plane -- is now easily within reach. The price point is incredible, at only $5000 for the baseline Funmat HT.

For high-volume printing of large objects, the Funmat Pro HT is another machine to check out. 

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