NOTE: This is an OLD method and article from years ago. Now, we created Nano Polymer Adhesive, and it makes this entire process take seconds :)

Check it out here:

This video takes you through the process of prepping the build plate for 3D Printing PEEK filament.

The build plate is specially treated tempered and frosted glass.

PVA glue is applied to the glass, then baked at 100 degress celcius for 3 minutes. Next, a razor blade is used to smooth out the surface, until it is perfectly flat. Another layer of glue is then applied, and the process is repeated one or two more times.

We've found this to work best for 3D Printing PEEK filament, for total adhesion and zero warping. Extra care is required to ensure the build plate is perfectly level, and perfectly smooth surface is essential to a high-quality functional part.

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