3D Printing PEEK (PolyEther Ether Keytone) -- In this print, we stretched the overhang limits with NO SUPPORTS to demonstrate the capabilities of PEEK -- with a high glass-transistion temperature, you can acheive incredible results with this thermoplastic!

PEEK can be used in radioactive, high-temperature, high-stress, abrasive-chemical environments, and is extremely lightweight, while being comparable to STEEL in strength and rigidity. That's right, it's actually comparable to METAL. PEEK is heavily used in medical, aerospace, automotive, and military applications, and can be used in many situations that would normally require CNC-machined metal parts.

For only $5000, this printer is an absolute no-brainer for your business or home, if you're serious about creating functional parts for your projects. Whether you're starting a new business, prototyping for your company, or designing and creating custom pieces in your home, this printer is ready to go into your workspace and start creating, right out of the box.

From the rigid, industrial build quality, to the super-detailed accuracy and the high-temperature specifications, this 3D Printer is simply unmatched by any other product on the market.

Want a new part for your motorcycle? 3D Print it. Need to test-fit prototype parts on a functional unit? Carbon fiber + your favorite thermoplastic.

The possibilities are endless -- get yours and get started today!

The INTAMSYS Funmat HT is now available at www.visionminer.com!