Hardened Steel Nozzles

Vision Miner
$20.00 $27.00

Available in .4mm, our Hardened-Steel E3D-compatible nozzles are designed for any range of materials, especially abrasives.
When working with abrasives like Carbon Fiber, Bronze, Steel, wood filled or any other metal filled filaments, this nozzle will last longer than any standard nozzle. Based on testing, wear resistance can be 25x to 100x more than a standard brass nozzle. 
Our Nozzles are Compatible with:
  • Prusa Research i3 MK2/ MK2S / MK3
  • E3D V4/V5/V6 1.75mm hotend or similar geometry
  • gCreate gMax 1.5XT+
  • Makerbot Replicator 2/2X 
  • Felix Pro 2 
  • Raise3D N1/N2 
  • Creality CR-10 
  • Robo3D R1+/R2 
  • MAKEiT Pro
  • SeeMeCNC Rostock MAX V3
  • OpenBeam Kossel Pro
  • Lite6
  • Chimera
  • Kraken
  • E3D Titan Aero
  • E3D BigBox
If you are unsure about your printer, ask the manufacturer about the nozzle thread size -- if it's M6x1, it's compatible!