3D Print Service & Consultation

A core part of Vision Miner’s mission is to make functional materials available and accessible to anyone. Through our experience with high-temperature 3D thermoplastics, we’ve cultivated a knowledge base on advanced materials such as PEEK, Ultem, PPSU, and Carbon Fiber. If you or your company is looking to develop projects or parts in industry-grade materials, Vision Miner is here to be your one-stop shop to handle your printing challenges, to teach you how to print in tough plastics like PEEK, and to provide consulting and advice for as long as you need it.

Vision Miner’s consultation service not only lets you bypass the learning stage of 3D printing, it also includes a one-on-one customer support experience where our employees will equip you with the knowledge on how to best optimize the process of production. When it comes to 3D Printing, there are so many decisions that will affect the final product: Choice of Slicer Software, Material Preference, and Design Modifications. Using our service, Vision Miner will walk you through these decisions to bring you closer to manufacturing your product in the best way possible.


If you or your company are interested in using Vision Miner’s 3D Printing Consultation service, please fill your information and upload your part into the form below. 

*Your information will never be shared with a third party, as we understand that uploading intellectual property online can sometimes be a risk for your company.