Lisa X 3D Printer

SKU: FZ185

Lisa X SLS 3D printer is a new, faster machine, with a large build volume, while still being very compact for the workplace. 

The Lisa X was designed to give you more freedom to innovate, better and faster -- with an emphasis on FASTER

Industrial speed
Build speed of up to 14 mm/h – most jobs are printed within 24 hours. With the ability to print up to five print beds per week, you will prototype and iterate faster. Compared to older gantry-style models, this is an absolute game changer -- instead of 5 days for a build volume, it's 5 build volumes in 5 days. 

Larger build volume
With a bed measuring 130 x 180 x 330 mm, the Lisa X is the largest compact SLS printer in our arsenal. You can print more elements, or larger objects, or both at the same time -- more freedom for whatever parts you choose.

A wide range of materials
Nine materials, from ultra-durable, flexible materials like Flexa and TPE to more specialized ones like ESD powder and polypropylene. With a wide range of materials to use, the range of applications is enormous.

Open printing system
On top of total pre-defined parameters and a wide range of compatible materials, you also get the option to go open-source, and develop your own material profiles. For even more flexibility, you can also change our recommended printing settings, if you find your parts demand different properties.

Printing and cooling time
The Lisa X’s printing and cooling time is up to 40% shorter that those of the Lisa PRO. This means MORE printing, in less time, and less downtime overall. 

Ergonomic operation
With the Lisa X, the materials can be changed in 15 minutes and the cool down times are shorter than the Lisa and Lisa PRO. This machine is a simple-to-use, complete solution. 

Great printing quality
With the Lisa X, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to achieve results faster, like with an FDM or FFF process -- the simple change to a Galvo-based laser system makes everything so much faster. When you see the quality of the prints, you’ll be amazed that they also saved you time. 

32 open printing parameters
The open software enables you to change and fine-tune an array of 32 printing parameters, design the shapes you need and discover unique properties in your prints. This also allows you to develop new powder materials, as much as you want!

What is an Open SLS 3D printer?
The temperature distribution is crucial in the Selective Laser Sintering printing process. It's actually a lot like high-temp FDM, where heat is a "big deal". 

The 22 heating elements spread across four heating zones enable you to strictly control the temperature variations inside the printer. The resulting array of options for modifying and adjusting parameters allows you to optimize the printing process for developed materials, test new research methodologies, and make top-quality printouts.

Much more, coming VERY soon from the team here at Vision Miner!