Thermax PES (PESU)

SKU: PES1010500NAT

ThermaX™ PES [Polyether Sulfone] is a high-temperature amorphous polymer that offers excellent mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance properties.


ThermaX™ PES (PESU) 3D Printing Filament

Polyether Sulfone (PES or PESU) is a high-temperature aromatic sulfone polymer that exhibits exceptional thermal, mechanical, and chemical resistance properties. PES is part of the PAES (Poly Aryl Ether Sulfone) family of polymers, which includes PSU, PES, and PPSU. ThermaX™ PES is an amorphous polymer and has excellent dimensional stability and creep resistance.

PES has higher temperature resistance and toughness than Ultem™ 1010, offering the ability to print parts with higher mechanical properties at elevated temperature.

Filament Diameter Specs:
1.75mm +/- 0.05mm

Recommended Print Conditions:

Extruder: 340-390°C
Bed Temp: 140-160°C
Bed Prep: Nano Polymer Adhesive
Enclosure: Heat Recommended
Support: Aquasys 120
Drying Instructions: 80°C for 4+ hours. Please see the following instructions for when you want to dry out this filament- Learn More about Drying