This week, we’re talking about slicers! No matter which printer you use, you will always need to work with slicer software to prepare your files for printing. Slicers are integral to the 3D-print process. But, what exactly is a slicer? Which slicer works best? Are slicers hard to learn?

In this video, Rob walks you through working with slicer software on your Funmat HT Printer.

Ever since the earliest FDM machines were introduced on the market, there was a slicer program that would translate your file’s 1’s and 0’s into machine language that printers can understand. While every printing enthusiast has their own software of choice, the Funmat HT printer can easily interface with any one of them! That means that whether you’re an experienced professional or an entry-level beginner, INTAMSYS’ Funmat printers will suit itself to your needs.

At Vision Miner, we prefer Simplify3D, Cura, and Intamsuite. Simplify3D gives us the most customization -- advanced features like custom supports make it worth the price to purchase. Cura is our next favorite, due to it’s constant updates, expanding feature set, and baseline quality. Intamsuite is the cover-all, which includes base profiles for most materials, and is already set-up and preconfigured to work with the Intamsys Funmat 3D Printers. 

In addition to the Funmat’s high level of slicer compatibility, Rob also discusses how Vision Miner can work with you or your company to train you on proper settings, fine-tuned profile adjustments, and everything in between to ensure that your printer is optimized to do its job properly every time.


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