Michael Anderson - Everyday Non-Stop on 5 Printers

Michael is a 3D printer enthusiast with 5 printers running non-stop every single day. Using Nano Polymer Adhesive he is easily able to get 10-20 prints out of each application. Having tried many alternatives there isn’t anything else he would rather use. Other options are too messy, have questionable results, and aren’t actually cheaperAt Vision Miner, we specialize in FDM/FFF 3D printing high-performance plastics like PEEK, ULTEM, PPSU, PPS, CFPA, and more. If you're interested in using functional 3D printing and materials in your business, feel free to reach out, and we can help you make the right choice for your application. Call 833-774-6863 or email contact@visionminer.com, and we're here to help!