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0:00 - Intro
1:18 - What Industries Use This Material
1:51 - What Temps You Need to Print This
3:07 - Material Specifications
3:31 - Example Parts
6:40 - tuning
8:56 - Break Tests
12:04 - Burn Tests
15:39 - End

Essentium HTN (high-temperature nylon) is a polyamide-based chemistry that has improved mechanical and thermal properties compared to standard nylons. Additionally, it is an easy-to-print, low-warp material that boasts high toughness and wear resistance. This material is a drop-in replacement for Acetal (Delrin®) and has best-in-class slow moisture absorption.


- Better heat deflection temperature and printability than ABS and standard nylons
- High toughness and high strength
- Improved chemical and solvent resistance
- Excellent Wear resistance for use in gears and such


- Jigs and fixtures
- Electrically insulating components
- Electrical housings
- Low-speed gears and moving parts

Frankly, the biggest thing about this which is different from Nylon -- and as you know, nylon is EVERYWHERE, from zip-ties to bushing, but specifically this HTN -- it was designed as a drop-in replacement for Delrin, POM, Acetal -- that material everyone who works in a machine shop is always asking for, which should not be printed, and is extremely difficult to print --- THIS is the material you want to get if you’re looking for delrin.

Print Temperature: 270 – 290c
Bed Temperature: 70-80c
Speed: 20-60mm/s
for adhesive, our Nano Polymer Adhesive works great, this stuff sticks down on the bed very well.
Chamber Temperature: 70c+ helps a lot with overall strength.
Supports: Aquatek X1 Universal Support Material works, along with Aquasys 120 or 180.

Now, to give you a little teaser, if you had an HSE machine… you would print this at 440c on the nozzle, up to 500mm/s. Yes. Incredible machines, check them out at!

Drying: yes, you MUST dry this filament. Like almost every thermoplastic, this does need to be dried thoroughly before processing, which is the fancy word for melting.

In regards to drying, we’ve got an entire kit available on our site, including the vacuum chamber and ovens -- that’s basically all you need, so we put together the stuff WE use at OUR shop, so that you can do it just as easily as us. We also made METAL spools, so you don’t have to worry about melting or warping your spool when drying at high temps.


For tensile strength, you’re getting around 76MPa, flexural strength around 129 MPa, and notched izod impact strength around 3.4 kj/m^2. All data sheets are available on our online store, at, so you can find all the other juicy details there.

Check out our other videos for the full comparisons!

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