The INTAMSYS Funmat Pro HT is finally available!


Changing the game with high-volume, high-temperature thermoplastics at an affordable price, the Funmat Pro HT is changing the landscape of professional, functional, industrial 3D Printing.


Designed to print PEEK, ULTEM™, PPSU, and a variety of other engineering-grade thermoplastics, this FDM 3D printer is built for those businesses that need serious prototyping capabilities -- as well as production-quality, limited-run end-use parts. 


While this technology used to cost upwards of a million dollars, the Funmat Pro HT comes in to change everything -- with a price point of $50k, there's no competition even coming close to the value. 


Not only is the Funmat Pro HT affordable, but it is highly accurate, designed for REAL functional parts -- we're not here to sell something cheap -- we're here to change the world of manufacturing. Designed with years of use in mind, this printer is absolutely on the cutting edge of FFF/FDM 3D Printing technology.


For more information, contact -- email, or call our hotline at +1-833-774-6863. We're around most of the time, so give us a ring! We have the best price, best support, and best information for all things INTAMSYS.


If you think the Funmat Pro HT, or the Funmat HT could be right for your business, reach out to Vision Miner today!


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