Robots to help you reach your manufacturing goals in any industry

FANUC has the robotics products and expertise to help you succeed. With more than 100 robot models and over 40 years of helping manufacturers achieve their production goals, we're ready for any manufacturing challenge in any industry. FANUC robots are easy to operate and provide complete flexibility thanks to a range of application-specific options, straightforward integration, payloads up to 2,300kg and maximum reaches up to 4.7m.

FANUC LR Mate: The versatile robot that increases productivity in nearly all tasks

FANUC’s LR Mate Series of human arm-sized robots are your best compact solution for fast handling and processing parts up to 7 kg across a whole range of industries. FANUC LR Mates are available in several models including food, clean room and washproof versions, each with different reaches and wrist speeds to meet your specific needs. These robots can be equipped with an array of intelligence features including vision & force sensing functionality for even higher levels of accuracy and productivity.

Adapts flexibly to every situation.

This compact multi-function robot offers you full flexibility thanks to floor, ceiling, wall and angle mounting. With its compact design and sealed mechanical units (IP67) you can even integrate it directly into your machine tool - The possibilities are endless, as FANUC LR Mate mounting options allow for more flexible cell designs, a more robust work envelope, and the ability to run several robots close together.

Stronger and faster

LR Mate 200iD models are available with reaches up to 911 mm, a max. load capacity of 7 kg and a calculated TCP speed of 11 meters/second maximum. Connectors on axis J3 provide increased system flexibility, internal cable routing, and increased reliability and performance.


More throughput

LR Mate's powerful servo motors and very rigid arm deliver high acceleration and short cycle times, providing users with improved productivity rates. LR Mate saves you time, with robot connections provided on the underside of axis 1 to ensure minimal interference with peripheral devices.


Unique flip over capability

The solution for reduced cycle times, more flexible cell designs, full work envelope in upside down mounting and the ability to run several robots close together.

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