Patrick shows how to print PEEK on the Intamsys Funmat HT! The same process applies to ULTEM™, PPSU, and other high-temperature, functional engineering-grade thermoplastics, like ULTEM™, PEI, and PPSU. We also do a lot of Carbon Fiber filament, whether nylon, PETG, ABS, or even PEEK/ULTEM™!


Hey Guys, Patrick Smith from, and today, I'm excited because we're at the funnest part of this how-to series on getting to your first successful print with the INTAMSYS Funmat HT -- and that is printing the actual part.

So this is going to be fun -- I'm trying to build something, and I lost the freaking M8 nut. The hardware store is closed, I can't go buy one, so I thought hey -- let's just 3D print one out of PEEK (Polyether Ether Keytone) real quick! Strong as steel, should be just as good, and I don't have to wait till tomorrow to get to the hardware store! 

So that's what we did -- we went ahead and threw a file in, got the STL loaded it onto this SD card and put it in the Intamsys Funmat HT, and we're ready to print!

So, we've already preheated the chamber -- we got the build chamber up to 90C. We've started raising the temperature on the nozzles and the temperature on the print bed, so we can go straight into this process -- come over here to the screen.

We'll be on the homes page:

1. Go to "print" 

2. Find the nut I need

3. Click continue

It's going to start heating up - we set it to 430C, so we're just going to give it a few seconds here, to go ahead and start raising that temperature to 430C. Everything else is looking good, and we should be ready. 

Awesome - so while that's happening, guys I'll mention after I finish a 3D print, you want to make sure to manually I manually pull the filament out, just by pressing that bar. 

Oh here we go - here comes the fun part. The Funmat HT is going to prime the nozzle, and I'm going to reach in really quick and grab it, so it doesn't clog or get dragged. Sweet, so you want to grab that little piece so it doesn't get dragged over to the part. 

First layer -- looks like the brim skirt is going down good. We’ve got about 22 minutes left for this print, so we're going to go ahead and step back for a minute and we'll be right back to see the finished part!

(time lapse)

Nice guys, alright -- so the M8 nut is completely finished! What you'll notice -- this is specific with PEEK -- is once it's finished printing, its going to hold the chamber temperature at 90C, and then it'll hold the build plate temp at 160C -- the reason that it does this is if you allowed that part to cool, it would actually adhere to the glass when you try to pop it off -- they would break off chunks of glass, so that's why it does it it's going to hold and maintain that temperature.

I can quickly take it out, I'm going to set it down right there -- hold it down with one hot glove, and then I'm going to pop the part off. It should pop off pretty easily, so that's what we're going to do right now -- just hop in get your two little latches, and then take this bad boy out.

Guys, look at that -- sweet. Love it! This is awesome -- now I don't have to go to the hardware store, I can go ahead and finish my project tonight -- I'm going to throw this in the heated chamber real quick, just to anneal it -- we'll do another video of that real shortly to show you the process of annealing, it does make the parts stronger.

In the meantime, guys, I really hope you like this series -- we try to do the absolute best we can, to make it super easy for you guys to order the printer, get it in your homes and businesses, and get to your first successful print as quickly and easily as possible. 

We're here to support you, we love when you support us, guys, if these have been helpful, please give us a thumbs up, hit that subscribe button, we'll keep putting out more videos, we're going to continue this series and do things that can help improve our 3D printing and functional materials.

Thank you so much, it's been fun, have an outstanding day, and I'll see you on the next video!