Hey guys! Patrick Smith here, from VisionMiner.com, and today we're going to be leveling the bed on the INTAMSYS Funmat HT, and showing you how to do it.

Let's dive into that right now.

One thing I want to mention is that the machine has to be at its operating temperatures before you level the bed - if you try doing it when it's cold those, parts will contract and expand enough to affect the quality of your print, so please let's get these machine systems up to their operating temperature, which is the nozzle at 400 degrees celsius, the print bed 160 degrees celcius, and then the chamber temp at 90 degrees celsius.

We're going to go ahead and set those temperatures right now. Come in here you'll see your nozzle temp -- press the plus button, and we're going go to settings -- nozzle. Right now it's already at 400, so that's good. I'm going to raise this, lower it right there, so I'm going to put it to about 410. We're going to move back, and now we're going to go to the chamber temp and make sure this is at 90C -- so we're good there. Then the final one -- let's go ahead and hit that build plate, we already got it to 160C, as you can see, you can easily change it right here.

All right, perfect guys, so we got all the systems up to their operating temperatures, now we're ready to move on to the next part, for which we’ll use the touch screen on the machine -- that'll walk us through the build plate leveling process.

Make sure you have your metal feeler gauge, don't use paper as it'll just burn, and make sure you have your hot glove ready. Let's go ahead and get started -- zoom on in with me here -- this is the home screen, so just touch “build plate”, then go to the next step. It will tell you “please refer the guide” -- I will mention that the Funmats do come with their own manuals, online manuals, that'll walk you through this process, also I want to try and make it as easy as possible for you with this video, so we're going to continue on to the next step here.

BAM -- it says turn the build plate screw and use the calibration card, so all we're going to do is take the 0.2mm feeler and we're going to place it up underneath the nozzle -- we want to adjust this screw on the bottom, and I like to go out until I can't get it underneath -- and then I just start adjusting it until I can get that to slide under -- boom, there it went, and you want to have just a little bit of drag on it -- not too much, not too little -- that felt pretty good 

Once we get that back up here, we're just going to go to the next step. It's pretty easy, and it's going to do this on the three corners of the machine -- you'll notice that I taped a stick to my feeler gauge, that way I don't have to get my hand all up in there and burn my hand. (it gets VERY hot!)

Got it, get it to a little bit of drag, nice, and now let's go on to the next step right here  - the third and final one. I'm just turning that screw on the bottom -- you'll notice this screw that I'm turning is nice and knurled. Come back up here and check that out -- build plate leveling is complete!

And there you have it guys, that's how you level the build plate on your INTAMSYS Funmat HT! 

What I really like, and you guys will notice it too, is this bed -- it's so well engineered and built tough that it doesn't vibrate and flex -- those nuts, when you're adjusting them, they're nice and tight, so it doesn't come out of calibration very easily -- heck, I've never had to come out! I really like the features and the way this machine is built.

Thanks for watching! I hope this makes it easier for you guys, we're going to go ahead and move on to the next step, which is loading the filament. We're going to be placing that video up real soon, so hit that subscribe button, that way you get the bell notice when the video is ready! 

In the meantime, thanks so much for watching, guys, we really appreciate all your support. We're doing all we can, and it's you guys that make this all happen, so keep in touch -- stay tuned -- and we look forward to seeing you on the next video!