Vision Miner - providing the most affordable, high-temp industrial 3D printers for engineering materials. 

The Funmat HT is, by far, the most affordable, advanced 3D printer on the market today -- enabling you to print PEEK, ULTEM™, PPSU, and other engineering-grade polymers on a desktop-sized 3D printer -- for a very reasonable price.

Whether you're starting a business, prototyping your parts, or finding ways to save costs in your production, the Funmat HT provides incredible value for savvy business owners and engineers.

With Tactical Service & Support from Vision Miner, you can rest assured that you'll have a reliable machine for your production. All spare parts are kept on-hand for immediate shipping to North America. 

As the first Intamsys distributor in the USA, Vision Miner has more experience than anyone else with Intamsys machines. This means that when you experience challenges, we've got a solution right away. When you buy from, support is included with your 3D printer, and it's our mission to keep you up and running.

Start printing in STRONG engineering materials today -- for all your industrial 3D Printing needs, go to