A short video overviewing the removal of support material from a medical 3D printed object in PEEK (Polyether Ether Keytone) after some adjustments to the settings. 

The first video was a dry-run, first-attempt print. Second round, we adjusted settings and got massively improved results. As you can see the part is removed with almost no effort. 

However, the settings need one more adjustment, back the opposite way - some of the edges were not touching supports enough, and this caused warping on some small details. Easy fix!





This object was printed on the Intamsys Funmat HT, a high-performance 3D printer specifically designed for printing high-temperature engineering thermoplastics like PEEK, ULTEM™ (PEI), PPSU, as well as all other 3D Printed filaments - ranging from Carbon Fiber Nylon to ABS or TPU, even Polycarbonate. 

The machine is highly accurate, with details down to 50 microns, and is designed with a strong industrial build quality exceeding industry standards.

At only $5000, this printer is a fraction of the cost of traditional options - due to expired patents, we can now bring you these special thermoplastics for 3D Printing at a ridiculously low price. Not to mention lower material costs, time-saving turnaround times, and rapid prototyping abilities, the Funmat HT is changing the game of Industrial, high-performance 3D Printing.


Thanks for watching!

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