SLM® machines offer increased freedom of geometry for complex, fast and repeatable builds. Explore our family of robust selective laser melting systems, software solutions and services to make you successful with metal additive manufacturing.

SLM Solutions provides a wide range of suitable materials for the aerospace industry, including nickel superalloys (IN719, IN625 and HX), titanium and aluminum alloys, which meet the stringent requirements of aircraft engine manufacturers for metallographic and mechanical properties.

Embracing 3D printing from the early days, aircraft engine manufacturers capitalized on the benefits of producing highly-complex, low volume components to reduce the cost of jet engine production, a major factor in aircraft operating costs. The innovation of this sector has demonstrated the ability to design intricate parts for improved functionality, rather than for manufacturability, and made additive manufacturing a must have for leading aerospace and defense manufacturers. The optimized topology of these builds allows for parts to maintain their same strength and load requirements while significantly reducing weight and playing a role in a key goal of the aerospace industry – to improve fuel efficiency.

Metal additive manufacturing is set to revolutionize the automotive market – from high-performance racing cars to production vehicles, the benefits of design freedom and maximized functionality are increasing the demand for this disruptive technology. From engine and transmission components to chassis parts and even tire mold segments, selective laser melting reduces development time, eliminates the need for tooling, and opens up new possibilities for performance enhancements. Lightweight components not only save on fuel-efficiency, but can also lower inventory and handling costs in the supply chain.

As the first quad-laser system on the market, the SLM®500 serves as the flagship additive manufacturing system for high volume metal additive manufacturing to ensure operator safety and lower overall operational costs. Likewise, the integrated SLM® Build Processor and open software architecture offer the freedom of controlling system parameters to optimize and meet strict production needs. Featuring a 500 x 280 x 365 mm build chamber and configurable with two or four overlapping lasers with power ratings from 800 to a full 2800 Watts, the SLM®500 offers a system tailored to best meet your specific industrial metal 3D printing requirements. Quad laser optics can increase build rates by 90% over twin laser configurations. Gas flow is essential to removing soot from the process chamber, especially for long-duration builds and the optimized gas flow on all systems produces complex components with the highest density and top surface quality.

Selective laser melting allows you to achieve greater component quality in the high-volume production of complex geometries produced with metal additive manufacturing. 

Selective laser melting is increasingly used in the tooling industry, where benefits are being realized through the production of complete tools or tooling inserts with a new-found freedom of design afforded through SLM. One main area of application is through the integration of conformal cooling channels that make is possible to shorten cycle times, minimize stress loads in the components to be produced and extend the tool life.

Medical device manufacturers are increasingly adopting Selective Laser Melting technology for the production of a wide range of medical and dental parts. This includes the production of functional prototypes; serial production of surgical implants, instruments and equipment components; and mass customization, i.e., the production of patient-specific implants and prostheses on a large scale.

Selective laser melting machines from SLM Solutions feature multi-laser options, bi-directional recoating and closed-loop powder handling to achieve best-in-class safety and increased build speeds for complex and completely dense metal parts. Optimal paired with SLM Solutions’ software, powder and quality assurance products, our technology opens new geometric freedoms that can enable lightweight construction, integrate internal cooling channels or decrease time to market.

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