This is the most versatile build plate adhesive in the world -- and i'm going to tell you why:
It’s been quite a development process, and has surprised us, and it’s the only bed adhesive that works with virtually all materials. Sounds like a tall claim, right? Well, it is, so let me tell you the story, how we created it, what it took, and what we made.

What led to Vision Miner creating NPA?
- Vision Miner started with a focus on high temp materials like PEEK, ULTEM, PPSU, etc.
- 2017 - using glue sticks (standard at the time in FDM 3D printing), with so many different
techniques that were time consuming and made huge messes
- Only worked 50% of the time
- One day we said screw this we’re making our own glue
- Hired a materials scientist
- 2 months later we had a first iteration
- Spent another 9 months to a year perfecting it
- We got it working in the first two months, but it sometimes broke glass, or didn’t quite grip well
enough… so we kept going until it was the best we could make it
- Tried it on an ultimaker with PLA and found it worked really well
- Tested it with more materials and it worked with nearly everything
- Knew we had to make it available for our customers

- Other Info
- Made it in an R&D Lab 100% made in the USA
- Non toxic compounds with an Isopropyl Alcohol base
- Works on Glass, PEI, Carbon Fiber, Buildtak, FR4, Garolite, just about everything as long as
it’s a heated bed
- You’ll never need to print with a brim or raft again
- STILL Only thing that works for high temp - Magigoo did not work

- A bed adhesive Designed for PEEK, PEI, and high-temp materials
- NO MESS, cleans off with water
- Better Grip than other solutions
- Works on Many Surfaces
- Easy to clean and reapply
- Works with normal-temp materials like ABS, PLA, and Nylon, on heated beds
- The only thing it doesn’t work for is PP and POM!
- Made from safe, non-toxic, organic compounds

Note for ABS & PETG On Glass
- ABS contracts very quickly when it cools; because of this, the risk of chipping, chunking, or breaking glass is higher with ABS. We recommend using Kapton Tape, PEI, or some other type of protective surface on top of glass when printing ABS.

- Make sure your first layer is PERFECT -- if it is too close, you risk breaking your glass. This is well documented in the community and we are not responsible for your broken build plates, especially when your first layer is smashed into the plate. Many people have set an extra-close z-offset to stick their filament to the bed -- with our adhesive, this is unnecessary.

- ENSURE PROPER LEVELING. High-temp materials must be removed extremely quickly. High Performance Polymers cool faster than glass, which can cause chipping. Prevent this by removing parts quickly. Again, this has nothing to do with our adhesive, and has happened well before we developed this wonder-product
Additional Questions

What does it work with?
- PLA, ASA, Nylon, Polycarb, ABS, ASA, PEEK, ULTEM
- With the low temps PLA and PETG, I’ve printed over 50 prints on a single coating, no re-applications or cleaning at all! That one blew my mind, and it’s part of the reason this stuff works for consumer machines, and your wallet.
- Basically works on everything except POM and PP

What surfaces does it work on?
- Borosilicate Glass, Ceramic Glass, most Carbon Fiber, PEI, BuildTak, Kapton Tape, PCB Board, FR4, Fiberglass, Aluminum, etc. and just about everything else we’ve tried. Now, for aluminum and steel, we’ve found it depends on the carbon content, and thickness of the coating, so no guarantees there.

- Where can you buy it?
- Worldwide! We’ve got dealers in North America, South America, Australia, Europe, AND Asia!
- No matter where you are, check out our website for our full dealer at

What makes it worth $50?
- 300 coatings - 7x7 build area
- Work with multiple materials and surfaces
- Large parts, small parts, high temp, low temp, you name it!
- Satisfaction guarantee
- If you’re not happy, call us and we’ll give you a full refund

So -- what did I not cover in this video? I don’t know, let me know in the comments down below if you have more questions, and as always -- thanks for watching, hit that like button, subscribe, and have a positive rest of your day!