This video is all about the functionality and practicality of the  touchscreen on the Intamsys Funmat HT. 

Working with high-temperature 3D printers means lots of precautions such as gloves for handling hot parts, and even hotter plates, so INTAMSYS has custom-built their printer touchscreens to be functional even through gloved fingers. The touchscreen also features a controllable knob-and-click feature to allow for finer selections when interacting with temperature settings or position adjustments. This “use-as-you-go” touchscreen also allows users to apply on-the-fly changes to ensure your printer is working for you at all times, and not the other way around. 

In addition to its hardware features, the Funmat’s touchscreen possesses a purpose-built operating system designed for ease-of-use. Rather than opting for a stock Sailfish-based OS, INTAMSYS has kept the user in mind by including professional features such as changing feeds and speeds on the go as well as the ability to pause and resume prints.

Through the screen, you can change print settings on-the-fly, such as retraction, cooling, temperatures, and other features.


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