LTEM™ 1010 provides manufacturers with a high performance, thermally stable, cost-effective alternative to metal.

It is well known for its strength and toughness, as well as it’s electrostatic dissipation, UV resistance, and biocompatibility.

The Funmat HT allows engineers to 3D print functional ULTEM™ parts, ideal for advanced functional prototypes and end-use parts, without the high cost or lead-time of traditional tooling. 

ULTEM™ 1010 has an extremely high tensile strength, and very high chemical and thermal resistance compared to other FFF or FDM thermoplastics.

This material has many applications, from aerospace & automotive to semiconductors & electronics, as it offers excellent mechanical strength, heat resistance up to 200 celsius, inherent flame resistance, and high dielectric strength. ULTEM™ 1010 also has very good hydrolysis resistance.

In Aerospace, ULTEM™ is ideal for airplane interiors, sensors & housings, ducts, fasteners, and engine parts.

ULTEM™ is also quite useful in Automotive, thanks to its resistance to fluids and oils, and is used for thermostat housings, transmission components, throttle bodies, ignition components and many other parts. 

The Semiconductor & Electronics industries also benefit, in the form of Hard disk internals, LCD projector internals, medical device enclosures, and numerous other applications.

Certified ULTEM™ can be used in Food Production, for custom shaping forms, baking sheets, decorating masks, cutting dies, cookie cutters, patterns, fixtures and more. 

Certified grade ULTEM™ has NSF 51 food contact certification and is biocompatible with ISO 10993/UPS Class 6 certification

In the medical Medical field, it is used for surgical and cutting guides, custom instruments, light fixtures, tools, surgical guides, custom trays and more where autoclave sterilization is needed.

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