Hey Guys! Patrick Smith from VisionMiner.com, and today we're doing an unboxing of the Funmat HT we're gonna be open this up see all the accessories that come with it from the factory get it on the table and go through the steps to get to our first successful print

You'll notice the lid comes off, you have the QuickStart guide right there.

You'll notice the sides just slide right off, then we got the foam top, and the foam bottom -- lift it it up on the table, and we're all set.

This thing is beautiful, guys, as you notice it's a little bit heavy -- and I actually like that, because it makes it more robust, more industrial feeling. You'll see some smaller machines made of plastic and stuff, that move around, they don't really have a bunch of weight to them -- so I do like the engineering and the design on this industrial machine.

The next step is unpacking all the accessories. What I like to do is take the doors off -- it's a really cool feature, super easy, they pop right off with a quick latch. This allows us to work around the machine much easier.

The first thing we want to do is take out the accessories. Just pull out the top box first, and press down on the top to clear the nut on the bed. Then, we're going to manually turn the ball screw on the z-axis, so that we can lower the bed, because the styrofoam goes up and wraps around the extruder itself.

The X and Y axis are locked in place with some screws and some clamps to keep it from moving during shipment. These come off with the included 7mm driver and hex keys, super easy.

So, let's move on to the packages and accessories, and see what we have included with the Funmat HT. s

USB card reader 

power cable 

USB wire (for updating firmware, or cloud printing)

7mm driver (for quick nozzle changes) 

SD card for printing

Heat-Resistant Gloves

Leveling card for PLA 

Two (2) High-Borosilicate frosted glass buildplates

Instructions for the Wi-Fi camera

Three Hotends (2 hi-temp, 1 normal-temp)

Flush cutters  

Print Removal Spatula

Zip Ties


Two (2) extra gears 

Three (3) nozzles

Hex wrenches



So there you have it, guys, that's all the accessories that come with the Intamsys Funmat HT.

In the rest of the video, you'll see how to properly install the extruder, glass buildplate, and booting up the machine for your first print.

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