PEEK is an amazing 3D Printing material -- extremely strong, resistant to heat, chemicals, solvents, and many other extreme conditions, it's ideal for use in the most demanding situations. Now that we're 3D printing it, we can produce a whole new level of parts and prototypes!

PEEK plastic was developed in the 1980s by Victrex and has expanded since the 1990s, via other chemical firms. Formulating PEEK into filament for 3D printing was an important and creative innovation. PEEK 3D Printing is possible because integral heating elements are used. These are fully-enclosed, temperature-controlled printers from companies like Intamsys.

The material has an excellent adhesion between layers which results in great improvement of the impact resistance, strength, durability and the printing process. Many times, the Z-axis is comparable to injection-molded parts. 

Vision Miner is on the cutting edge of this new technology, where few US distributors of PEEK-capable printers even exist.

Vision Miner staff spend all their efforts serving industries.

Vision Miner explores PEEK, ULTEM™, and other high-performance plastics first-hand as printing substances.

Vision Miner staff work directly with customers over-the-phone and in-person.

Vision Miner staff perform tests on many dozens of PEEK projects.

Vision Miner is committed to discover how best to handle and harness PEEK as an evolving high-performance thermoplastic.

Let us help you!

Vision Miner customer service and support for Intamsys’ Funmat printer line is founded on direct experience in PEEK 3D Printing, among only a handful of companies worldwide.

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