Formula Drift champion, Chris Forsberg has used 3D printing to create a custom widebody kit for his Nissan “Altimaniac”, a 1300hp twin turbo V6 powered monster designed to shred through tires in the Formula Drift championship. If you’re familiar with the racing series or just love car builds, you may remember Chris Forsberg as one of the creators behind Ryan Tuerck’s V8 Ferrari-powered Toyota GT-4586.

Forsberg wanted a wide body kit inspired by the sleek and wide bodywork of DTM cars over in Europe. As you may have figured out, not many DTM style body kits exist for the current generation Nissan Altima or pretty much any family sedan for that matter. Forsberg and his team turned to Tekk Consulting to create the custom body kit, using 3D scanning to create CAD models of the bodywork. From there, they designed and printed out the widebody kit in sections and then glued them all together. It looks like from the color of material that they printed the whole kit in PLA or ABS. Not too shabby. These low temp materials are easy to print and keep costs way down compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

3D Printing in the automotive and racing world is pretty much here to stay. We’ve covered numerous stories on applications from printing jigs and fixtures for assembly lines, CF Nylon parts going into formula 1 cars, and even 3D printed pistons. Even some of our customers are using 3D printing to improve their products, even make new products like intake manifolds — shoutout to the guys over at Data Driven Performance! Through additive manufacturing, teams and companies around the world can create prototypes quicker, cut down lead times on low volume production parts, and even improve existing designs through weight reduction design implementations that simply aren’t possible in traditional subtractive manufacturing methods.

You can watch the full video of the bodykit build on his YouTube channel here:
Also feel free to check out our 3D printing in motorsports video:

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