AMUG 2021 just wrapped up the first week of May! The first major in-person additive manufacturing conference since COVID hit -- and man, was it a huge success. There was a ton of news and new releases, so here’s a recap of a few things you might have missed!

Now, we’ll have more videos coming out soon, on AMT post processing, Triton 3D Stratasys compatible filament, 3YourMind, and more -- make sure you subscribe to see when those come out -- but for now, we’ll start off with with Essentium, their brand new HSE 280i HT system was unveiled in late April with the world's first true IDEX system.

Essentium also announced that they were working with Mercury Systems and Rolls Royce for aerospace and defense use-cases and in their press release, Essentium has revealed that it is also testing and developing new materials and processes using the 280i HT printer for the Department of Defense. Really crazy stuff. The presentations they gave were awesome -- one particular example is using dual-extrusion to create a super-rigid part with HTNCF25 at the core, and slick HTN on the outer shell of the part -- there’s a lot of new ideas getting tossed around, and we’ll have some REALLY cool videos on their new machines coming out very soon.

Moving on to Stratasys, they announced a partnership with DyeMansion to create what's called a “reference architecture” for production-scale additive manufacturing. Basically what this means is it's an additive manufacturing-based step-by-step process that uses both Stratasys printers and DyeMansion’s post processing systems to create end use parts. Both companies are looking to leverage their large networks to make their end-to-end solution available worldwide. Carbon Inc also announced a similar collaboration with PostProcess Technologies to incorporate their resin removal technology with Carbon’s platform.

Titan Robotics, our friends from the Rocky Mountains, launched their Atlas-HS system, a massive hybrid machine. What is a hybrid machine you might ask? A hybrid machine combines both additive and subtractive manufacturing into one system, giving you the best of both worlds. Their new pellet-printing BEAST of a machine is built on some of the most robust CNC technology... Basically if you want the customizability of AM with the accuracy of milling, this is the system for you… or maybe DMG Mori’s several million dollar metal printer based version.

And finally nScrypt was a cool new player who unveiled their nRugged printer. Everyone was talking about this one at the show -- if you saw it, you’d know why. As the name suggests, the company calls it “the first and only precision 3D manufacturing/bioprinting platform for harsh environments.” The machine is designed to do bio printing and standard 3D printing in environments where traditional printers might not operate such as a naval ship or on a trailer. The nRugged also includes a built in battery allowing up to 48 hours of printing capability. That makes this setup a lot easier than a FUNMAT HT strapped to the back of a Raptor with a gas generator… If you haven’t seen that video, definitely check it out in the link below.

Lots more to come, but What was your favorite AMUG announcement? Did you attend AMUG? I met one cool guy running ICON house 3D Printers who said he attended thanks to our video -- that’s awesome!

Anyway, leave a comment and let us know what you thought of this video, news stories you thought were cool, or, of course, another funny comment!

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