SHANGHAI – INTAMSYS, a leader in PEEK and high-performance functional materials 3D printing solutions, announced today that the company has successfully secured an undisclosed amount of Series A funding led by CWB Capital, a venture capital firm with primary focus on companies involving in smart manufacturing ecosystem.

The mission of CWB Capital is to integrate China, Hongkong and global technology and supply chain resources to create a sustainable smart manufacturing ecosystem that strengthens core competencies and promotes global brand building for invested companies. The funding round was joined by Brizan Investments, a high technology-focused venture capital firm.

“We see tremendous potential from INTAMSYS in excelling and eventually leading in the era of Industry 4.0 given the company’s current position as an industry leader in PEEK 3D printing, offering customized high-performance functional materials additive manufacturing solutions to the industries.” said Prof. Li Zexiang.

In tandem with INTAMSYS’ vision of “Creating Infinite Possibilities to Customize Future Life”, the investment will accelerate the company’s market deployment of its high-performance functional materials 3D printing solutions and intensify INTAMSYS’ advanced research and development initiatives alongside the application demands of industrial users.

Charles Han, CEO of INTAMSYS, said, “The new funding round will enable us to strengthen our support for application-driven innovation of our customers through enhancing mass customization 3D printing capabilities and enabling the creation and integration of digital supply chains.”

INTAMSYS specializes in producing reliable industrial-grade 3D printers with excellent high temperature capabilities. The company’s FUNMAT HT and FUNMAT PRO HT 3D printers are capable of 3D printing in over 20 functional materials thanks to their state-of-the-art thermal technologies on the active heated chamber, high temperature nozzle and heated build plate.

This month, INTAMSYS officially added PEKK to its portfolio therefore users can now print functional parts in all 6 high-performance materials namely the PEEK, PEKK, PEI, PPSU and PSU. The open materials system of INTAMSYS is highly welcomed by its industrial customers who see it as a strategic and highly cost-effective long-term investment for their companies.

Another world-class capability of the FUNMAT PRO and FUNMAT PRO HT is delivering complete full-size 3d printing solutions for the 3 most widely used engineering-grade thermoplastics at industrial settings – polycarbonate, ABS and nylon.

INTAMSYS was founded by a team of professional engineers with in-depth technical experience and know-how in engineering ultra-precision and high speed industrial machinery. The team members have over a decade of professional experience working at global technology companies.

Today, INTAMSYS 3D printers are trusted globally by industry leaders like Honeywell, Jabil, Bosch, FLEX, Sabic, UK Atomic Energy Authority, TE Connectivity, Stanford University, Tsinghua University, amongst others. The company works closely with industrial customers and partners from the aerospace, automotive, medical, engineering, oil & gas, electronics, education and research industries to further advance additive manufacturing applications in high-performance functional materials.

Contact:  Chun Pin Lim