In this in-depth interview, we give you the chance to hear first-hand about what industry leaders think about the future of high-temperature 3D printing. Jack, the lead sales manager for INTAMSYS, sits down with Patrick to take a deep dive into their relationship with Vision Miner, as well as their favorite features and details about INTAMSYS’s three flagship 3D printers: the Funmat HT, the Funmat Pro, and the Funmat Pro HT!

Even with the success of the Funmat HT, both Vision Miner and INTAMSYS have spent months learning how current Funmat owners use and utilize their printers. By analyzing customer recommendations and frequently asked questions, INTAMSYS engineers and designers have been able to shape future printer models to better suit the needs of businesses relying on 3D printing, and engineering-grade thermoplastics.

Since early 2017, Vision Miner has been partnered with INTAMSYS to bring high-temperature thermoplastics into the North American market. Both companies see tremendous value in INTAMSYS’s Funmat printer line as it opens up the opportunity for businesses to use industry-grade plastics such as PEEK in a manner that fits in with lean manufacturing and prototyping needs for today’s modern market.

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