Adidas just unveiled their latest addition to their lineup of 3D printed shoe technology with what they call, “next step in data driven 3D printed midsole innovation”. After 17 years of analyzing data from professional athletes, Adidas combined their research with Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis 3D Printing technology to create even more of their AWESOME 3D printed shoes --- the latest development? The 4DFWD.

Sam Handy, VP of Design, Adidas Running commented, “4D technology provides us with the opportunity to design in a way that conventional foam midsoles do not allow. We took inspiration from the first generation 4D lattice midsole and set ourselves the challenge to take it to the next level. Coding millions of potential lattice structures to see if we could specifically design to counter negative mechanical forces experienced during running.”

The 4DFWD’s lattice midsole utilizes bowtie shaped “cells'', a design identified from five million possible lattice structures and is printed with up to 40% bio-based material. The design is meant to compress forward upon vertical impact, helping runners maintain their stride and trimming peak braking force by 15% percent.

According to their senior vice president and general manager, “This industry first midsole innovation positions adidas 4DFWD as our most advanced digitally printed running midsole yet and showcases the potential of 4D technology in turning physics and bio-mechanic studies into performance solutions. We cannot wait for runners to feel and experience this new product that will deliver new and exciting sensations.”

The shoe’s upper is made from recycled polyester, providing runners with a lightweight and breathable, sock-like fit for comfort. The new shoe was first made available to Creators Club members on May 15th with a special Tokyo Collection releasing on July first before the shoe is released worldwide on August 12th, 2021.

Do you plan on buying the 4DFWD or any 3D printed shoes anytime soon? I’m not gonna lie, I definitely want a pair…. And I’m not even a runner. It’s just cool tech. Let us know in the comment section down below! Make sure to hit that LIKE button, it helps us out, and subscribe so you don’t miss the next one!

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