Sinterit Platform

SKU: FZ104
Enables ergonomic body positioning during machine maintenance
With wheels mounted on the platform, the printer is easy to transport to the installation site or moved for service or surface cleaning purposes.
Stay healthy while you work
Sinterit Platform was designed with ergonomy and health recommendations in mind. That’s why we made the Platform’s height adjustable for each operator’s optimal standing position. This ensures users’ health while maximizing human grip force.

Always in the right place
Sinterit Platform makes the printer easy to move, whenever you need to–for vacuuming, service work, or just to reposition your machine for convenience or safety. The rubber wheels lock to help you secure your printer for maintenance.

Make your work as easy as possible
Setting your printer at the right height will allow you to reach every corner and gap. This gives you easy and full access during the depowdering process, including vacuuming and brush cleaning.