The legendary, the original -- the LISA was one of the first affordable, accessible SLS 3D Printers, and remains a great option to this day. Enabling you to harness the power of SLS, while still on a budget -- in rigid, beautiful PA12 or Flexible materials. 



The second release by Sinterit, the LISA PRO opened up numerous material possibilities, with the addition of inert gasses to the build chamber. This eliminates oxidation, enabling materials like PA11 to be printed with full material properties. It also increased build volume, so you can print larger parts, or larger batches of parts than the original LISA. 



The Latest offering from Sinterit, the LISA X speeds up the entire process by over 14x -- using a galvo-based laser system, layers now take seconds, instead of minutes. Sinterit has taken everything they learned and applied it to this new system, delivering a larger build volume, more robust printing capabilities, and of course, lots of SPEED. 



1. Pick your Printer

What's your main concern? Speed? Materials? Affordability? Build volume? Pick the printer that matches your needs.

2. Pick your Package

Do you need the powder handling accessories, or just another production unit? Are you prototyping, or going into full production? Get the package with the peripherals to assist printing. 

3. Choose Materials

Are you just prototyping, or doing fit/fitment? Or do you need production-grade materials like PA11 Carbon Fiber? Make sure you get materials to start printing. 


Everything you need to go into production

Why purchase a complete set?

When you purchase an entire set, you're getting everything you need for the SLS workflow -- the printer, the powder management system, a post processing solution, software, powder tools, and your after-sales services & support. 

From there, you can add more printers if you like -- you've already got everything you need. Many of the peripherals are interchangeable, as well, so feel free to reach out if you'd like to create a custom set for your application. We're here to help!

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- LISA 3D Printer

- Dedicated Powder Tools

- Powder Sieve

- Sandblaster Basic

- Sinterit Studio

- Flight Case



- LISA PRO 3D Printer

- Dedicated Powder Tools

- Explosion-Proof Vacuum Cleaner

- Platform

- Powder Sieve

- Sandblaster SLS

- Sinterit Studio Advanced

- Flight Case



- LISA X 3D Printer

- Dedicated Powder Tools

- Explosion-Proof Vacuum Cleaner

- Powder Handling Station

- Sandblaster SLS

- Sinterit Studio Advanced

- Flight Case



Multi PHS - Powder Handling Station

Easy and fast powder handling makes a HUGE difference in the SLS printing experience -- having a unit like the Multi PHS is a night and day difference from hand-sifting and powder refreshing methods. This unit include the powder sieve, so it's all you'll need for refreshing and re-using your powders. 


Powder Sieve

Don't need the whole PHS, but want a fast, easy way to sieve your powders and get the maximum refresh rates from your materials? The standalone powder sieve is a great option, and gets the job done much faster and easier than doing it all by hand. 


Dedicated Powder Tools

Essential with all the packages, this tool kit contains everything needed to help use the machines effectively -- from filling the machine, to removing the print cake, to cleaning off parts and sifting used powder, it's all here.  


Sandblaster SLS

If you're going for the perfection of SLS prints, then sandblasting is a critical final step to post-processing -- getting all the extra powder out from the prints, getting them ready for end-use -- these two sandblaster options are made with SLS parts specifically in mind. 


Intertek Vacuum Cleaner (USA)

A good explosion-proof vacuum is a great addition to any shop -- essential, though, when you're handling fine powders like PA12 -- even white flour can explode in the right conditions, so it's important to have the right vacuum to keep you and your team safe in the shop. 


Sinterit Studio - Advanced

With a company founded by Google employees (yes, that's Sinterit), you'd expect good software -- we've been impressed here at Vision Miner, as the software is intuitive to use, yet still gives impressive features and customization over how parts are printed -- down to the millimeter spacing of individual laser paths. It's awesome, and you can download the free version before upgrading to the full version, which is used for the advanced materials.