About PPSU/PPSF 3D Printing

Polyphenylsulfone, or PPSU, is one of the strongest FDM materials out there. Additionally, PPSU was the first engineering thermoplastic available for FDM processes! Transparent and rigid, it offers the greatest heat and chemical resistance of all filaments, making it a top choice for demanding applications. If you’re creating parts for aerospace, under-the-hood automotive, or medical use, we suggest using this filament. It can withstand exposure to chemicals, so it’s commonly used for sterilization trays as well as dental and surgical instruments. This material is also excellent for prototypes that must withstand harsh conditions. Plus, this thermoplastic even gives you the ability to quickly manufacture parts directly from your digital files. This is because it’s dimensionally accurate, making it easy to predict the outcome and end-product performance. When compared to other filaments, it’s a more expensive material; however, it’s mechanically superior. View our available PSSU filaments now.

For PPSU/PPSF 3D printing jobs, we recommend the Funmat HT. This printer is specifically designed to handle high-performance engineering thermoplastics, and this model also prevents warping and curling. Another model we suggest is the Funmat Pro HT, the most cutting-edge 3D printer INTAMSYS produces for large-scale manufacturing. This model features a spacious build chamber as well as an advanced thermal system. If you’re searching for a high-performance PPSU printer for your facility, be sure to check out our online selection of INSTAMSYS products. We provide these dependable machines at fair prices.

On the other hand, if you want our professionals to develop your products from PPSU filament, consider scheduling a printing service. We have extensive knowledge about the PPSU/PPSF 3D printing process, and we’re ready to offer you exceptional support. Don’t hesitate to call or text us at 1-833-774-6863 if you have any questions. We’re always happy to discuss our printing services and PPSU printers with you.