Consumables Kit LISA X

SKU: FZ187

Lisa's range of compact SLS 3D printers stand out for their low maintenance requirements, which can be carried out directly by the user.

The Lisa X consumables kit is a set of spare parts to keep the printer in optimal working condition. This kit includes a total of 123 spare parts and a set of tools that cover the complete maintenance of 2000 hours of use, or an average of 100 prints.

The kit includes 4 types of consumables and spare parts:

Optical elements

  • 2 optical windows for pyrometer
  • 1 laser protective glass
  • 16 infrared heaters
  • 2 kits of sealing foam for the reflector

Service tools

  • 30 alcohol wipes for cleaning of optical elements
  • 2 tubes of thermal paste
  • 2 jars of silicone oil
  • 1 set of keys

Mechanical elements

  • 20 short strings for recoater
  • 3 pull ropes for recoater
  • 3 sliding skids for recoater
  • 2 fans for the cover

Insulation elements

  • 4 Insulation kits for the printing base
  • 4 Insulation kits for the power supply base
  • 4 Sets of screws for printing and feeding base

All spare parts are available individually, however the purchase of the kit guarantees the immediate availability of all necessary spare parts and saves money.