Intertek Explosion-Proof Vacuum Cleaner

SKU: FZ103

Safe and Easy Depowdering
Supporting device designed to make powder recovery as clean as possible.

Safe Powder recovery and Cleaning
A perfect solution for efficiently collecting and cleaning unsintered powder

Clean your printer and collect unused powder in 10 minutes. Save time and money.
Save time and money. Get your printer ready for the next print in under 10 minutes. Use the ATEX Vacuum with powder separator not only for cleaning, but also to collect unsintered powder in a dedicated container and quickly prepare it for the next print.

With the ATEX Vacuum, clean your workspace with a few simple moves.
Eliminate the mess in your workplace and recover 100% of your powder. With the Explosion-ProofEX Vacuum you can gather powder spilled during printout cleaning – both from the workshop and from the printout surface. And it’s 100% safe.

Easy powder recovery
Minimize your workflow: collect the powder and clean your workspace with a single device.
With the help of the Sinterit separator automatically transfers collected powder into the dedicated container, removing the need for manual transfers. The powder can then be easily poured into the Sinterit Sieve. Or close the container and leave the powder for further processing.

All processes in one place
Post-processing and powder recovery: all processes in one place!

ATEX for safety
SLS powders are not themselves explosive, there is a risk of explosion when they are mixed with air, just like a mixture of flour and air. This is why standard vacuum cleaners without ATEX certification should be avoided at all costs. Most vacuum cleaners, even professional ones used by cleaning companies, are not made to work with low-graduation powder. If exposed to sparks, airborne powder in an ordinary vacuum cleaner may cause an explosion. Sinterit’s ATEX Vacuum Cleaner is designed to work with explosive mixtures. In addition to being properly certified, it comes with grounding, a specially designed filter, anti-static hoses, and electrostatic nozzles.


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