Multi PHS (Powder Handling Station)

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MultiPHS: The Ultimate 3D Printing Post-Processing Workstation


MultiPHS is crafted for professionals in 3D printing, where versatility is paramount. It seamlessly integrates into existing systems, offering a flexible post-processing solution for various needs.

Key Features

Easy and Fast Material Change

  • Adaptability to Finegrain Polyamides: Different mechanical properties after sintering require varying cleaning depths.
  • Efficient Cleaning: Key spaces are easily accessible, allowing for a complete cleaning in just 30 minutes with included vacuum and accessories.

Multi-Material Compatibility

  • Versatile Settings: Features 6 settings to handle a range of SLS powders, including third-party materials.
  • Broad Application Spectrum: Supports numerous types of SLS printing materials for enhanced versatility.

Universal Printer Compatibility

  • Sinterits and More: Compatible with all Sinterits printers and other compact or industrial SLS printers.
  • Flexible Integration: Designed to fit seamlessly into any professional 3D printing setup.

Efficient Powder Recovery

  • High Recovery Rate: Up to 95% powder recovery in a 20-liter container.
  • Resourceful Reuse: Enables reusing powder in subsequent prints with an easy mix process.

Advanced Powder Management

  • Synchronized System: Works in tandem with Sinterits printer, ATEX vacuum, and sandblaster for optimal material control.
  • Cost-Effective Recovery: Advanced system for material reuse and cost reduction.

Intuitive Interface

  • User-Friendly Panel: Offers 5 sifting programs for different materials with overload and depowdering sensors.
  • Peripheral Control: Manages connected devices like vacuum and sandblaster.

Adjustable Workspace

  • Flexible Design: Adapts to large print cakes from various printers.
  • Quick Setup: Transition between systems in minutes with compatible accessories and tools holder.

Antidust Cover

  • Safety Compliant: Plexiglass cover minimizes powder spread and ensures user safety against inhalation.

Watch the Workflow

Discover the efficiency and ease of the MultiPHS in action.


Physical Dimensions

  • Size: 1000 x 700 x 1700 mm / 39.4 x 27.6 x 66.9 inches
  • Weight: 157 kg / 346.2 lbs
  • Installation Space: 1700 x 2200 x 1800 mm / 66.9 x 86.6 x 70.9 inches

Electrical Requirements

  • Voltage: 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz or 110 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Power Supply: 110/230 V AC, 12 VDC 6.67 A, 80W

Full Specification

  • Available in PDF format.

What's Included?

  • Zones I-VI: Comprehensive components ranging from sandblaster shelf screws to the MultiPHS user manual, including various nozzles, brushes, and accessories for complete functionality.


Workflow and Efficiency

  • Post-Processing Workflow: Details on depowdering, sifting, and powder refreshing processes, including duration and steps.
  • Mess Management: Techniques to limit powder contact and spread during post-processing.

Sifting Module Functionality

  • Efficient Sieving: Located under the worktop for optimal powder management.

Cost Optimization

  • PHS Advantages: Explains how the Powder Handling Station contributes to cost savings in SLS printing.

Client Testimonials

  • Experiences and endorsements from professionals in various fields, illustrating the practical benefits and efficiency of using MultiPHS.

Additional Resources

  • Dedicated Powder Tools: Information on complementary equipment for enhanced printing and post-processing.
  • Free Ebook: Tips and strategies for reducing SLS 3D printing costs.

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MultiPHS is not just a workstation; it's a comprehensive solution for optimizing your 3D printing post-processing needs, ensuring efficiency, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.