Intamsys just announced their new machine at Formnext 2018 -- an entirely new update to their product line, they've announced the Funmat Pro 410.

With long-awaited features, such as dual extruders, auto bed-leveling, jam warning systems (in addition to filament detection systems), the 410 is positioned to be a prototype-to-production workhorse. 

High-Temperature, Performance 3D Printing

Intamsys has already proven themselves as a machine manufacturer - we print on our fleet of Funmat HT 3D Printers all day, and they are amazing for the price and material selection. This new machine adds build volume (now 12x12x16, up from the Funmat's 10x10x10), and a slew of other features, like a larger touch-screen, larger form factor, and completely new design.

Intamsys Funmat 410 ProA huge point -- the auto-leveling -- is extremely important and long-awaited, as leveling the bed at 160°C and 90°C in the chamber sometimes results in singed eyebrows. This will now be much easier to dial in, making the entire printing process flow more efficiently.

The specifications are the same as the Intamsys Funmat HT -- 450°C nozzle, 160°C buildplate, and 90°C chamber. The 410, however, adds wifi-connectivity, an ethernet port, and of course USB. This is going to open the window for better connectivity, monitoring of prints, and overall usability. Many of our clients in the Aerospace industry have restrictions around USB/SD cards, so these added connection options will help those of you working in large corporations.

What's The Best Part?

So -- why would you choose this printer over the more-affordable Funmat HT? Well, if you're looking do very complex prints, the dual-nozzle supports will increase design freedom significantly. Especially as we develop new support materials, this is the biggest change and benefit to this machine. The added build volume is a big plus, as well. 

If you're not quite ready to jump for the Funmat Pro HT, this might just be the perfect option for your high-temp printing. We'll keep you tuned in on price -- which has yet to be announced, but is expected to be somewhere in-between the HT and Pro HT. 

What Do We Expect?

If it's anything like the progress of the Funmat HT, this machine will be dialed-in and ready to go, far better than most printers on the market. They've consistently shown a dedication to quality, improving details on the printer - everything from the window mounting systems, to the internal components, to way the filament spool is secured - we expect this machine to be at the top of it's class.

Nay, we expect this machine to outperform 3D Printers 10x it's cost. The Funmat HT is already doing that, and at $6,000, is hands-down the best deal on the market. If this turns out anything like that, it's going to dominate the market. 

Find out more on our product page.