PEEK 3D Printers

Part of the polyaryletherketone family, PEEK is one of the most popular filaments to 3D print because it achieves great results. It features excellent heat and chemical resistance; in fact, its maximum temperature resistance is 260 degrees Celsius. While this material is expensive, its versatility is certainly worth the investment as it doesn’t corrode and is easy to mold.

We recommend this material for low-volume production. Aerospace, automotive, oil, gas, and medical industries commonly use items that are fabricated from PEEK. The medical industry in particular uses PEEK because it features low moisture absorption.

At first, PEEK was a difficult material to print; it’s not necessarily easy to handle. However, the Funmat HT's advanced thermal system effortlessly makes printing this filament a reality. This printer is designed to specifically print products from this type of material.

We’re proud to provide INTAMSYS printers at reasonable prices. The PEEK 3D printers we offer from this brand include the Funmat HT and Funmat Pro HT. Keep in mind that the Funmat Pro HT model works best for large-scale manufacturing.

Before printing, remember the following:

Ensure your facility has high-powered equipment to produce prototypes, parts, and more. Purchase your PEEK printer from Vision Miner today. For more information about our PEEK filament 3D printers, you can contact us anytime via call or text at 1-833-774-6863.