VELO3D addresses the most difficult additive manufacturing challenges by delivering a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that takes additive manufacturing capabilities far beyond today’s standard. In the quest to enable tomorrow’s innovations,VELO3D envisions a future in which products are designed without constraints, are optimized for best performance, and are more affordable and environmentally sound. In developing our Intelligent Fusion™ technology and our comprehensive metal additive manufacturing suite, comprised of our Flow™ Pre-Print Software and our revolutionary new Sapphire® System, that future is here. At their headquarters in Campbell, CA, there is a fleet of additive manufacturing systems, with the objective to optimize processes addressing critical customer challenges. As a result, VELO3D designed and successfully printed dozens of parts previously considered impossible to make, unlocking new critical applications for our customers. These capabilities are already in volume manufacturing.

Break the 45 degree rule with VELO3D. Engineers leverage our unique ability to print low angles below 10 degrees to eliminate support structures and print parts that were impossible just a year ago.

Low Angles

AM has relied on support structures to anchor parts to the build plate and for thermal management for decades. As an industry we have come to rely on those structures to assist with building low angles less than 45 degrees. But, these low angle geometries are the same features that tend to be created inside of an assembly’s inaccessible, internal channels during part consolidation. By using supports to anchor parts to the build plate, we have anchored our industry to prototyping. Until now.

Current State:

45deg limitation for low angles or overhangs


No supports needed down to 10 deg

Can build flat to build plate

Dramatically less post processing

High quality, predictable surface finish

Large Inner Diameters (ID)

If we could build large apertures without supports; with a high-quality surface finish; and with tight geometric control, then we could make consolidated assemblies in AM. VELO3D SupportFree capabilities do just that. By leveraging process simulation, feature specific processing, closed loop melt pool control, and a non-contact recoater, VELO3D has reduced the reliance on support structures for internal geometries.


4-10mm ID


Up to 100mm unsupported ID

Able to print manifolds, volutes, crossovers, etc

High Aspect Ratios (AR)

High aspect ratio structures, with features that are very tall but not very wide, are common occurrences on many parts designed for heat exchangers. These feature large, thin surfaces to allow for effective heat transfer across the interface. However, high aspect ratio structures can present challenges when building parts due to their inherent lack of mechanical stability, which makes them relatively easy to bend or break on contact.

Current State

8:1 aspect ratio


3000:1 aspect ratio possible

Able to print high aspect ratio parts (heat exchangers) and assemblies

Free floating

VELO3D is working to offer the ultimate in metal 3D printing – fully SupportFree, free floating parts. These parts are printed Free-floating in powder, with no requirement to anchor parts to the build plate and with no reliance on sintered cake of powder.

Current State 



Single point initiation to build parts free floating

Complex lattice structures possible

Large full build height possible

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